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·  Chemical Name: 17β-Hydroxy-17-methyl-5α-androstano [3, 2-c] pyrazole

·  Molecular Weight:328.49 g/mol

·  Formula: C21H32N2O

Stanozolol, which is manufactured under the brand and trade name Winstrol is available as both an injectable and oral anabolic steroid. It is commonly seen as the third most popular anabolic steroid used among athletes and bodybuilders alike. Dianabol takes the number one spot, while Deca-Durabolin takes the second spot. The majority of people will have heard of Winstrol from reported allegations that Ben Johnson, a Canadian Olympic sprinter tested positive for it during the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games. However, its origins stretch back to 1959 when details of it were released to the scientific and medical community. Stanozolol was first marketed on the prescription drug market by winthrop laboratories. In 1961, the USA based Sterling purchased the patent for the American market, giving it the brand name of Winstrol.

Winstrol gained approval for use in treating a multitude of medical issues after being released as a prescription medication. These ranged from treating muscle wasting diseases, stunted growth in children, treating burns victims and for treating osteoporosis. However, when used for treating anemia it proved not to be as successful. Its mechanism of action works amazingly well in a handful of ways. Primarily, it binds with androgen receptors instead of non receptor-mediated activity, which is the primary operation for other anabolic steroids including Anadrol and Dianabol. Winstrol also possesses a reduced affinity when it comes becoming bound with glucocorticoid binding sites. It also has a lower degree of progestogenic activity while offering activities independent of the androgen receptor.



One of the more unique functions that is seen as impressive is Winstrol affect on sex hormone-binding globulin. By lowering the levels of SHBG in the body, other anabolic hormones and free testosterone can exert activity of an anabolic nature within the muscle tissues. It is also able to facilitate the stimulation of protein synthesis while collagen synthesis is also boosted in the body.

Winstrol Chemical Characteristics

Looking at the chemical structure of Winstrol, significant differences can be noted when compared to all other anabolic steroids. However, being derived from dihydrotestosterone, the first cycloalkane ring has a 3 – 2 Pyrazol group attached to it. When comparing images of Winstrol and dihydrotestosterone, the differences are noticeable. The three keto group is replaced by the pyrazole groups attachment to the cycloalkane ring, which takes its place in the structure. The structural changes are what gives Winstrol its classification of being a heterocyclic steroid.

It is the pyrazole group that gives Winstrol its extremely strong affinity for binding with the muscle tissues androgen receptors. Being a derivative of DHT, the modifications to its structure effectively separate its distinction with dihydrotestosterone. DHT possesses far less activity in muscle tissue when compared to Winstrol. However, it is an unfortunate fact that two enzymes almost immediately render DHT inactive as soon as it enters the muscle tissue. The modifications of Winstrol help to avoid this issue. Each and every anabolic steroid belonging to the DHT derivative family, including Masteron, Primobolan, Anavar and Winstrol all have chemical structure modifications that gives them significant effectiveness and activity upon entering the muscle tissue.

Winstrol also possesses and increased anabolic strength with a reduced androgenic strength due to the structure of pyrazole. This is what separates Winstrol from many other anabolic steroids as androgenic and anabolic effects are significantly reduced. At the 17th carbon in Winstrol chemical structure, there is an attached methyl group. This modification is what makes it possible for Winstrol to survive passing through the liver when taken orally. It also provides hepatic metabolism resistance to the anabolic steroid.

The Properties of Winstrol

Various studies have shown that the primary mechanism of action of Winstrol is its action of binding with cellular androgen receptors instead of activity that is non receptor mediated. Winstrol is also thought to have a tiny measurable form of properties that are anti progestogenic when it comes to the progesterone receptor. It also has a reduced affinity for interactions with the glucocorticoid binding site, along with activity independent of the glucocorticoid, progesterone and androgen receptors. No notable progestogenic activity has been found to be caused by using Winstrol.

As noted earlier, Winstrol has a high affinity for binding with the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). Therefore, much more of the anabolic steroid is made available in the bloodstream, thus sending signals for muscle growth to begin. Sex hormone-binding globulin is a protein that works by binding and attaching to the other sex hormones found in the body, such as synthetic anabolic steroids, estrogen and testosterone. Once the protein has attached to the sex hormones, it renders them as useless for the entire time that it is bound to them. It prevents sex hormones from doing their job. However, Winstrol has shown its ability to suppress the production of SHBG within the body while preventing it from being able to bind with anabolic steroids. As an example, one study where orally administered Winstrol was given to 25 male subjects, SHBG levels dropped by 48.4% in just 3 days.

As we have already discussed, Winstrol is derived from dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. Therefore, it is able to resist binding with the aromatase enzymes, and conversion into estrogen is not possible. For many, this is seen as a good thing as extra genetic related side effects such as high blood pressure and water retention can be avoided. Another feature of anabolic steroids that are DHT derivatives is there ability to avoid interaction with the 5 Alpha reductase enzyme. The 5 Alpha reductase enzyme is the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. With Winstrol being a modified version of dihydrotestosterone, there is no possibility of this occurring.

Because of the structural modifications of Winstrol, it has a much longer half life. When it comes to the injectable format, the half life is roughly 24 hours. For orally administered Winstrol, the half life is approximately 9 hours. When looking at the anabolic and androgenic strength ratings of Winstrol, these are 320 and 30 respectively. Winstrol possesses an anabolic strength which is slightly more than three times that of testosterone. Testosterone is the benchmark that all anabolic steroids are measured against. Testosterone has an antigenic and anabolic rating of 100 for each of them. When looking at the percentages, Winstrol could be described as having 30% less androgenic and 320% more anabolic activity than testosterone.

An important note to make is that, unlike nearly all other anabolic steroids, both oral and injectable Winstrol preparations have exactly the same chemical structure. The majority of other anabolic steroids have injectable preparations that have been esterified to help modulate the half-life and release rate while oral anabolic steroids will always be C-17 Alpha alkylated. This does present a slight need for concern as an increase of liver toxicity can be experienced with either preparation due to them being 100% identical. However, the first pass through the liver is avoided with injectable Winstrol. Therefore, it is considered to present a reduced hepatotoxic effect on the liver than the orally administered Winstrol. Regardless of that fact, it is still hepatotoxic and the duration that it is used four should be limited.

Side Effects Associated With Winstrol

When looking at the main side effects that the individual should be concerned about when using Winstrol, please include hepatic issues, negative cardiovascular system issues, and hpta disruption. As we have already touched upon, Winstrol is unable to be aromatized into estrogen, regardless of the dosing. Therefore, side effects associated with estrogen including bloating, high blood pressure, water retention and gynecomastia have zero risk of presenting themselves.

While it is true that the androgenic strength rating of Winstrol is far less than that of testosterone, side effects are still a possibility, nonetheless. Typically, those with androgen sensitivity are most likely to be affected. Androgenic side effects include an increased risk of male pattern baldness to those predisposed to the condition. An increase of acne and oily skin. increased facial and body hair growth. And an increased risk of benign prostatic hypertrophy. Many people think that using a 5 Alpha reductase inhibitor such as Propecia, proscar, dutasteride or finasteride will help mitigate the side effects. However, they will be ineffective for reducing side effects due to the fact that Winstrol does not convert into dihydrotestosterone.

One area that raises concerns is Winstrol ability for suppression of HPTA. Of course, all anabolic steroids will present with this, and Winstrol was shown to decrease the production of endogenous testosterone by 55% with a dosage of just 10 milligrams a day over a period of 14 days. Another a fact that the individual should be aware of is the hepatotoxic effect it has on the liver, especially the oral form of Winstrol. The hepatotoxic effect on the liver was also shown with the injectable form of Winstrol. Therefore, the duration of use should be moderated and limited for no longer than 6 weeks to 8 weeks at any given time.

Winstrol also poses detrimental side effects related to cardiovascular health. It is well known for its negative and dangerous alteration of cholesterol levels in the blood, even at tiny 6 mg doses using oral variant. This is also true with the injectable variant of Winstrol. Evidence also suggests that even small doses of Winstrol are able to stimulate cardiac hypertrophy.

Uses and Cycles of Winstrol

For the majority of instances, a cycle of Winstrol is normally used with the purpose of pre-contest preparation, cutting and fat loss where definition of the physique is required. Some people also claim that Winstrol can be used for strength gaining, building muscle mass and bulking. However, there are many other anabolic steroids that are typically more affordable and more suitable for achieving these goals. In general, Winstrol cycles are typically used for fat loss and cutting.

A cycle of Winstrol will also typically include a base compound such as testosterone propionate. The cycle is performed for a period of between 8 weeks and 10 weeks. Fellows performing either an intermediate or advanced cycle using Winstrol, a stack of three compounds including trenbolone acetate, testosterone propionate and Winstrol is common. As injectable Winstrol has less of a hepatotoxic effect than the oral variant, it is typically run for a cycle of 8 weeks to 10 weeks. The oral variant of Winstrol is typically used for 6 weeks to 8 weeks.

Administration and Doses of Winstrol

When it comes to versatility, Winstrol is considered to be toward the top of the list for anabolic steroids. The dosage of injectable and oral Winstrol can very drastically. In the medical world, an oral dose of 6 mg each day equally divided throughout the day as 2 mg tablets was the original dosage. The injectable form was prescribed once every fortnight as a 50 milligram dose. However, when it comes to performance and athletic enhancement, the above noted frequencies and dosages are of no help whatsoever.

When looking at used for improving strength, physique and Athletics, a typical dose of injectable Winstrol ranges between 50mg and 100mg used every other day. In total, this equates to approximately 200 mg to 400 mg each week. When it comes to the oral variant of Winstrol, a typical dose of 60 mg each day is considered to work well. 25 mg to 50 mg a day are also reported to provide beneficial effects among all users. The fact that Winstrol is not a potent anabolic steroid used for mass gaining and bulking, it is not advised to increase dosage is to potentially dangerous levels. For fat loss and definition improvements, the above notated dosages are ideal.

When it comes to women who want to use Winstrol, the oral preparation dosed at 5 mg to 10 mg each day is quite common. At these low doses, the risk of experiencing side effects and virilization is drastically reduced. It is not common for women to use injectable Winstrol. However, some women do use it every other day as a 15 mg dose totaling 60 mg each week. If virilization effects arise, such as an increase of the facial or body hair growth, a deepening of the voice and an enlargement of the clitoris, then the dosage should be reduced.



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