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·  Chemical Name: (17β)-3-Oxoandrosta-1,4-dien-17-yl undec-10-enoate

·  Molecular Weight: 452 g/mol

·  Formula: C30H44O3

Trying to navigate the world of anabolic steroids today can be a little bit challenging, if for no other reason than the fact that there are so many different options to pick and choose from.

Equipoise, sometimes referred to or marketed as Boldenone, is a powerful oil-based injectable steroid that has been combined with unique anabolic esters to extend and prolong the full release of this steroid while at the same time increasing its half-life as well.

Synthesized as a derivative of traditional testosterone, the most impressive thing about Equipoise is its unique ability to offer anabolic strength increases and lean muscle gain while at the same time limiting the amount of androgenic affects produced by short and long-term use of this steroid.

Traditionally a product designed for veterinarian purposes, particularly with horses (which explains the equine sounding name), elite level athletes, bodybuilders, and weekend warriors looking to transform their body as quickly as possible have been taking advantage of Equipoise for years now.

A lot of this popularity has been built on the fact that Equipoise has much lower androgenic properties and much lower estrogenic activity than “pure testosterone” and more traditional anabolic steroids. A lot of bodybuilders out there compare this specific solution to a handful of other options on the market – but none of them have the same combination of compounds, the same combination of esters, or the same androgenic and estrogenic properties.

Equipoise is something special and truly distinct from the rest of the anabolic steroid options available right now.

History of Equipoise

Believe it or not, Equipoise was the very first synthetic derivative compound of testosterone ever produced – created years before Dianabol was created, the compound that so many in the bodybuilding and the athlete world have been told is the “grandfather” of anabolic steroids.

Equipoise was first pioneered in 1949, laying the foundation of science and research for further anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs to be built on top of.

In fact, Dianabol is itself nothing more than Equipoise combined with a methyl group that has been attached to the 17 beta hydroxyl group in the chemical structure of this compound. In the early days of the production of this particular steroid, plenty of people wanted to market Diana able all as world version of that will pose, but the methylation that occurs at the 17th carbon atom of Diana able changes the structure of the chemical composition enough to make these two compounds completely different animals.

They share a tremendous amount of the same chemistry, but at the end of the day the changes made at the 17th carbon molecule differentiate them enough to make them closer to cousins than siblings.

While Equipoise was created in 1949, it wouldn’t be until the early 1960s and that it really started to take off as a performance-enhancing drug. Between 1949 in the 1960s, the chemists behind this solution played with the combination of esters that had been attached to the main chemicals in this compound – and that’s what led them to extending the release time as well as the overall half-life of this steroid.

A number of clinical trials were unveiled in the 1960s to see if this primarily veterinary only drug could be used safely on humans, and bodybuilders throughout the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s jumped on board before those clinical trials ever finish up.

In the 1970s, researchers found that there were a number of other anabolic steroids better at helping to prevent muscle wasting and weight loss problems – two of the medical reasons Equipoise was supposed to be prescribed to individual patients – and eventually it was removed from the market.

Even still, bodybuilders and athletes these early days of this drug continued to use it on a regular basis and see fantastic results along the way.

When it was discontinued in the 1970s a pharmaceutical company called Squibb decided to pick up the patents for this drug compound. They rebranded Equipoise as Boldenone, offered it to veterinarians and horse owners/breeders and enjoyed a tremendous amount of success with this switch.

Over the next few decades the patents and formula for Equipoise have changed hands a dozen times or more, but every time the formula has remained the same – and continues to produce lean muscle mass production increases unlike almost anything else out there while also bringing effective appetite stimulant effects to the table as well.

Individuals will be able to find Equipoise on the American market as well as around the world, though the compound is usually sold directly or through a number of different brand names that may or may not include Boldenone.

Chemical Characteristics of Equipoise

At its very basic structure, Equipoise is nothing more than a synthetic creation of testosterone that has been modified at both the Carbon 1 and Carbon 2 positions in this steroid structure.

Double bonds have been added between both of these carbon atoms, creating a modification that dramatically reduces the ability for Equipoise to interact and interface directly with the aromatase enzyme. The aromatase enzyme is responsible for your body’s ability to convert androgen into estrogen, and by limiting this interaction at a chemical level Equipoise won’t be converted into estrogen as quickly as other anabolic steroids might be.

This gives Equipoise a tremendous advantage over other traditional anabolic steroids. Unlike other testosterone solutions, the estrogenic response in your body will be much lower – and you’ll have a lot less to worry about as far as gynecomastia and other serious side effects related to high levels of estrogen in the male body are concerned.

It’s also important to understand that Equipoise has been combined with the undecylenate ester as well. This is the chemical modification that has been made at the 17 beta hydroxyl group we highlighted above, and this is the chemical modification that allows Equipoise to improve its hormone release rate while at the same time boosting its half-life significantly as well.

This all means it’s going to take a lot longer for Equipoise to be broken down your body, is going to allow for more of the testosterone to be released over a longer duration of time, and also means that the pure Boldenone contained within this substance is going to be able to deliver its entire payload of bioavailable substances without any obstruction from your body along the way.

You’re going to be looking at an extended half-life of Equipoise that now reaches 14 days or more, triggering a much slower release that is a lot gentler on your body while at the same time improving the overall bioavailability of the synthesized testosterone you’re supplementing with as well.

Equipoise Effects on the User

Right out of the gate, you’ll want to know with 100% certainty that Equipoise – as a derivative of testosterone – is going to deliver the same kind of payload of results and properties, just without any of the side effects or androgenic/estrogenic impact on your body.

Equipoise has an identical anabolic strength rating as testosterone (100) it also has the unique ability to act as and aromatizable anabolic steroid – converting into estrogen through a direct interaction with the aromatase enzyme while at the same time lowering the estrogenic activity throughout your body thanks to the modifications to the two different carbon molecules we touched on a little bit earlier.

This is all a very science heavy way of telling you that while Equipoise is still going to be converted into some form of estrogen, it’s going to be converted into a much smaller quantity of estrogen than testosterone would have been – cutting down on your side effects dramatically.

You won’t see a total elimination of estrogenic side effects (which makes water retention still a bit of a big deal), but as a general rule the side effects you would have experienced with traditional anabolic steroids or testosterone hormones will be limited significantly.

Increase your dosage of Equipoise and you increase the amount of testosterone that will be converted into estrogen this is pretty much common sense, and will expose you to higher levels of side effects – but even still though side effects will be significantly limited compared to what they may have been with “raw” testosterone other anabolic steroids.

Possessing a very low androgenic strength rating, even lower than testosterone, if you are sensitive to androgenic side effects this is going to come as very good news.

You’re still going to be able to expect fantastic results after using Equipoise, and you’ll experience a lot fewer side effects, but it’s important that you know exactly what you are getting into. You’ll see rock solid lean muscle mass gains improve with just a little bit of extra water retention (depending upon your individual dosage).

This is what helps Equipoise act as such a fantastic addition to your bulking stack, but you’ll probably want to leave it out a cutting stack for sure.

Equipoise Side Effects

Like any other steroid on the market today, you’re going to have to contend with the potential for side effects to pop up when you begin supplementing with Equipoise.

We’re talking about side effects that may include, but are not necessarily limited to:

• Increases in your regular blood pressure levels
• Increased instances of
water retention and loading
• Increased weight gain and fat retention and
• The potential for
gynecomastia to begin to take hold

You might also run into side effects that include oily skin, increased acne production, irregular body and facial hair growth, as well as the potential for male pattern baldness – if your genetics are predisposed to this condition the first place.

Inhibition of endogenous testosterone will also be apparent in users. Therefor a post cycle therapy (PCT) program will be needed after cessation of usage.

Dosing Recommendations for Equipoise

Traditional dosage recommendations and guidelines for Equipoise simply do not exist, just because this drug hasn’t been traditionally prescribed for human use since the early 1970s.

You’ll obviously want to be very careful with your dosages of Equipoise for this reason, and it’s not a bad idea to start small and build up from there – testing and tracking your progress every step of the way.

As a general rule, however, bodybuilders and athletes beginning with this chemical compound usually start off with between 300 mg and 500 mg of Equipoise per week. This can be cycled up to between 500 mg and 700 mg per week depending upon the impact it has on your body and how you respond. These dosages are very similar to the dosages you’d experience with traditional anabolic steroids and testosterone.

Women thinking about supplementing with Equipoise are going to want to start off with a considerably smaller dose. We’re talking about between 15 mg and 75 mg per week.

The trouble here though is that Equipoise has that extended half-life. This is going to slow down the production of blood plasma in the female body, and may create some real headaches and hassles as far as your overall short and long-term health is concerned.

Equipoise cycles should run for a grand total of 14 weeks, with seven weeks on and seven weeks off. This is again a general rule for those that are just starting with this chemical compound, but most have found that it works fantastic even for those that have been using this steroid for years and years.

You can certainly stretch the cycle out a little bit – maybe to 16 weeks total, if your individual results trend this way – but your first few cycles should probably consist of seven weeks in seven weeks off just to get a feel for everything Equipoise brings to the table.



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